Enthusiast Kit - Level 1

MSRP: $577.25
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Now: $499.00
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Product Overview

Eco Touch Level One Enthusiast Kit
Are you an auto enthusiast who loves to detail their car? The Eco Touch Enthusiast Kit gives you everything needed to wash, wax, degrease and protect your ride. Plus, you'll have enough product to fully detail your vehicle over 200 times!


1 x Waterless Car Wash Concentrate 1-gallon
1 x All Purpose 1-gallon 
1 x Tire Shine 1-gallon 
1 x Quick Wax 1-gallon 
1 x Wheel Cleaner 1-gallon 
1 x Window Clear 1-gallon 


1 x Carpet + Upholstery 1-gallon
1 x Dashboard Protect 1-gallon
1 x Leather Care 1-gallon
1 x Odor Eliminator 1-gallon 


1 x Microfiber Towel 12-pack
1 x Glass Towel 12-pack
3 x Tire Dressing Applicators
7 x Empty Spray Bottles 24 oz.
2 x Empty Spray Bottles 16 oz.
1 x Empty Spray Bottle 8 oz.

The Enthusiast's Starter Kit offers a savings of $78.25! + FREE SHIPPING


Frequently Asked Questions

How many cars will this auto detailing kit clean?  

Each product has it’s own yield in terms of how many vehicles it can clean. For your convenience we’ve listed out approximations for each one based on cleaning a sedan that is moderately soiled. If you wash a lot of vehicles which are larger and more soiled, you’ll obviously use more product.  

  • Waterless Car Wash 1-gallon Concentrate - 250 cars
  • Dashboard Protect 1-gallon - 128 cars
  • Carpet + Upholstery 1-gallon - 128 cars
  • Wheel Cleaner 1-gallon - 128 cars
  • Window Clear 1-gallon - 128 cars
  • All Purpose 1-gallon - 128 cars
  • Quick Wax 1-gallon - 32 cars
  • Tire Shine 1-gallon - 128 cars
  • Leather Care 1-gallon - 128 cars
  • Odor Eliminator 1-gallon - 512 cars 

How long will the towels last for?

Eco Touch’s microfiber towels are designed to withstand at least 100 washings. Check out our article on cleaning microfiber towels here - http://www.ecotouch.net/pages/Cleaning-microfiber-cloths.html

Do you have any marketing materials that I can use?  

We have a free auto detailing flyer template you can use to promote your business - http://www.ecotouch.net/pages/Auto-detailing-flyer-template.html