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How Dirty is Too Dirty for a Waterless Car Wash?


One of the most frequent questions we get asked here is "when is my car too dirty to perform a waterless car wash"? With winter in full effect and cars being exposed more frequently to the elements, we thought we would take on this question.

Let's start with the obvious. Heavy mud, salt and sand should not be taken on with a Waterless Car Wash. While in theory it is possible, you will go through numerous microfiber towels to do this safely and effectively. However, there may be times when the vehicle is "borderline" where you're not sure if you should attempt the Waterless Car Wash method. We've tried to illustrate in the photos below when it is suitable (and not) to go with this style of washing. 

Examples of Road Grime

In the first two examples we look at a car that has light to moderate road grime. The first photo clearly shows a vehicle that has been frequently cleaned and can certainly utilize a Waterless Car Wash method. The second photo has some contaminants on the surface, but is still a great candidate for a Waterless Wash.

In this next photo the user should take more caution. This would be the upper limit of what a Waterless Car Wash is capable of handling. The user would want to have plenty of microfiber towels on hand and apply more formula than usual. A Waterless Car Wash can still be utilized, but just take their time. 

In this last photo we clearly see a car that is beyond the capability of a Waterless Car Wash. There are visible chunks of mud which would need to be removed before application. A quick pre-rinse followed by the Waterless Car Wash would be a good method to move forward. 

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