Six Winter Car Care Tips by Eco Touch

Posted by James Dudra on 9th Feb 2014

Winter is a tough time on both you and your car. Snow, sleet and ice take their toll on every inch of your car's interior and exterior surfaces. If you're not prepared, driving can quickly become a … read more

How to Remove Car Dealership Decals

Posted by James Dudra on 8th Feb 2014

There's no better feeling than bringing home a new car. That is until you realize that the dealership you bought it from left their mark all over the vehicle. I recently went through this experienc … read more

How to Remove Water Spots From Your Car

7th Feb 2014

Water spots can be an extremely annoying problem for auto enthusiasts. Perhaps you've noticed them after a passing rain shower or out of control sprinkler. Water spots are the minerals left behind … read more

Business Name Ideas for your Auto Detailing Business

Posted by James Dudra on 6th Feb 2014

Creating a catchy name for your auto detailing business can be a lot more difficult than you initially anticipate. While it's easy to go ahead and just call it something like "Ryan's Auto Detailing … read more

How to Remove Snow From Your Car Without Scratching

Posted by James Dudra on 6th Feb 2014

If you're in the snow belt and a car enthusiast, winter can be a tricky and frustrating time of year. And while keeping your car cleaned is a difficult task unto itself, removing snow from storms c … read more