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How to Get Rid of Smoke Smells In Your Car

Whether you've just kicked a bad habit or bought a used car, smoke smells tend to stick around for the long term. They are notoriously difficult to remove, but don't despair, there are tried and true methods of eliminating them completely from your vehicle. We run through a few of the best steps to get [...]

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Five Tips to Prevent Swirl Marks on Your Car

Have you ever looked at your car from certain angles and seen those tiny fine lines in the paint? Some call them "spiderwebs" others "swirlmarks". These are fine scratches that have occurred over time due to improper care and car washing techniques. We're going to give you five tips to prevent swirl marks from showing [...]

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What is Carnauba Wax?

Carnauba is one of the most touted ingredients in the car care world. But what is it? And why is it so popular in car wax products?  Let's start from the beginning. Carnauba wax comes from a palm tree commonly referred to as "Copernicia prunifera" in Northeastern Brazil. The wax itself comes from the leaves of [...]

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How to Tell If Your Car Needs Wax?

Car wax is pretty incredible stuff. Not only does it make your paint look great, but it also prolongs its life. However not everyone knows when exactly their car needs waxed and how often. Once a week? Once a month? Once a year? First, let's toss out the myth you can get away with one [...]

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Starting a Mobile Detailing Business for Under $100

Starting a mobile detailing business doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, you can get up and running for less than $100. I know, there are some "pros" out there shaking there heads claiming that you need the latest dual action polisher to really be a "detailer". But let's be honest here for a minute. [...]

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What the Average Auto Detailer Charges for Their Services

One of the most frequent questions we get here at Eco Touch from newcomers to the detailing industry is "How much should I charge for my services?"  The honest answer is...it depends. You see, location, demand and competition will all factor into what you should be charging for your services. However, out of curiosity we took [...]

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How to Wash Your Car's Engine Without Water

Cleaning your car's engine can be an intimidating proposition to many car enthusiasts. The delicate parts and electronics just seem ripe for damage. The truth however is that our car's engines are one of the most robust parts of our cars. Just think about the wear and tear they endure on a daily basis! Cleaning [...]

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What's the Best Way to Wash a Car?

Car washing sure has come a long way in the past few years. Both the sheer number of products on the market today, along with the different methods of car washing have many consumers scratching their heads as to what is the best way to wash a car. We'll try and a discern the different [...]

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Best Way to Clean Car Floor Mats

Your car mats have seen it all. Mud. Rain. Salt. Sand. Keeping them clean is no easy task. You have to be diligent and on a routine to keep them looking their best. However if you're like most of us, life gets in the way and you rarely find yourself having a spare minute to keep [...]

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How to Clean Your Steering Wheel

Steering wheels are one dirty place. Over time you may notice that the original color and luster from the factory has now taken on a brownish hue. Dirt, grime, oil, food residue and who knows what else has now managed to embed itself on your car's steering wheel. Don't fret, there are ways to combat [...]

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