Posted by James Dudra on 1st Feb 2014

Best Way to Clean Car Floor Mats

Your car mats have seen it all. Mud. Rain. Salt. Sand. Keeping them clean is no easy task. You have to be diligent and on a routine to keep them looking their best. However if you're like most of us, life gets in the way and you rarely find yourself having a spare minute to keep them clean. We've put together the best way to clean and restore your car's floor mats, even if they've been heavily neglected. 

First, start by physically removing the mats from your car. Give them a good shake to remove all loose debris. You can also hit them against a tree or the ground to get the most dirt out the car mats. Next, thoroughly vacuum the mats removing any other loose debris. 

Now, take liberally spray the mats with a Car Upholstery Cleaner, such as Eco Touch Carpet + Upholstery. Continue to spray until the fabric is completely saturated with the formula. If there are any heavy spills or stains, be sure to make sure these areas receive more attention. 

Let the formula set for at least a minute. Now, take a scrub brush or microfiber towel and begin to agitate the formula. Work you way from the top of the car mat downwards. 

Lastly, make sure the car floor mats are completely dry before re-inserting into the car. Otherwise they could potentially build up mildew. 

Continue to address spills and stains as they occur. Waiting for a spill to dry will make it much harder to remove in the future.

If you've stained your seating, be sure to check out our other article on cleaning fabric car seats. Any other questions? Just let us know!