Business Name Ideas for your Auto Detailing Business

Posted by James Dudra on 6th Feb 2014

Creating a catchy name for your auto detailing business can be a lot more difficult than you initially anticipate. While it's easy to go ahead and just call it something like "Ryan's Auto Detailing", do you really think that will resonate with potential clients?

As consumers, we are bombarded all day long with commercials, slogans and jingles from companies vying for our attention. Creating a memorable name can differentiate your company from the competition, while also creating a positive experience before a customer even picks up the phone.

To help you get started, we've put together a list of potential auto detailing business names to get your creative juices flowing.

Curbside CarWash
Curb Appeal Car Wash
Mr. Suds
Deluxe Detail
Tidy Wash
Squeeky Clean
The Polished Ride
Rapid Restorationg
Restore Ride
Maximum Restoration
A New Ride Detail
Extreme Restoration
Restore Galore
Mobile Flow Car Wash
Power Brite Car Wash
Best Under Pressure Washers
Classy Clean
Perfect Under Pressure
We Wash

Need some more inspiration? Check out these free online tools for even more ideas:

Visual Thesarus -
Dot-o-mator - -
BusinessNameGenerator -

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