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FAQ - What Products Should I Use to Clean My Car's Interior?

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Maybe it's your first car. Or perhaps you've just never had the time or interest in keeping your car neat and organized. Either way you're probably wondering what are the best products you should use to clean your car's interior? First, put down that bottle of household cleaner. Cars are very different than kitchen countertops. You need products that have been formulated specifically your automobile. Leather. Vinyl. Tinted windows. All these materials require a specific cleaner. 

Before reading any further we wanted to consolidate the product recommendations in this post. If you want to get into more detail, keep reading, but for the sake of brevity we've consolidated.

Consoles and Vinyl Surfaces: Dashboard Protect by Eco Touch
Carpets and Seating: Carpet and Upholstery by Eco Touch
Leather Seats: Leather Care by Eco Touch
Windows and Glass: Window Clear by Eco Touch
Other Tools: Microfiber Towels and Glass Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Dashboards and Consoles

Let's start with your car's console and dashboard area. Unless you're driving a high-end luxury vehicle, it's probably covered in vinyl or plastic. There are two basic steps to maintaining this surface: cleaning and protecting. Many of today's products are 2-in-1, meaning that they both clean and protect simultaneously. Because dashboards and console areas remain relatively clean (outside of an occasional spill) these products can easily maintain double duty. 

Eco Touch Dashboard Protect will remove surface debris such as dust, fingerprints, and light stains. We've also incorporated a bit of carnauba wax for that added UV protection your car craves. Unlike other cleaners in the category, it leaves a very light matte shine. 

Cleaning Carpeting and Upholstery

Moving on to the seats and carpets you'll want to select an automotive-specific "carpet and upholstery" cleaner. These are typically spot cleaners used after you've done an initial vacuuming. Carpet and upholstery cleaners incorporate 'surfactants' (cleaning agents) which help loosen and lift fibers from the surface of the vehicle's seat. 

Eco Touch Carpet + Upholstery is an excellent spot cleaner for these surfaces. Just spray it on and agitate with a brush or towel. We've found it effective against a wide variety of stains including: coffee, soda, wine and more. The other added benefit is that it's free of petroleum solvents. Think about it for a minute. You spend hours in your car every week. The last thing you'd want to do is be breathing in some petro-based solvent. 

Cleaning Leather Surfaces

If you're lucky enough to have Leather Seats you'll want to pick a product formulated specifically for car leather. It should be pH neutral and relatively mild. Leather requires a multi-step process much like vinyl. Clean and condition. Fortunately many manufacturers today realize that consumers want a double duty product and have created 2-in-1 products. 

Eco Touch Leather Care both cleans and conditions leather surfaces safely and effectively. You'll want to make sure the surface has been vacuumed away first. Then just apply with a microfiber towel and buff. We also put a touch of almond fragrance in the formula to make it a more pleasant cleaning experience. 

Cleaning Windows and Glass

Lastly we go onto the glass surfaces. Many of today's car's incorporate a UV resistant tint into the glass. If you think that grabbing a household cleaner is going to be okay, think again. Ammonia and alcohol can literally eat away at the tint which will lead to peeling. Make sure you pick a car specific glass cleaner. 

Eco Touch Window Clear is an ammonia and alcohol-free cleaner for window and glass. It is completely safe for tinted surfaces so you can clean virtually any vehicle with it. For best results we suggest pairing with a glass cleaning cloth to avoid the dreaded streaks. Also, be sure to clean out of direct sunlight so the formula doesn't evaporate too quickly. 


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