How to Clean Fabric Car Seats

Posted by James Dudra on 29th Jan 2014

How to clean fabric car seats

We sit in them. We eat on them. Our kids love to spill things on them. But how exactly do we clean them? Cleaning fabric car seats takes a few things. Having the right tools and having the right cleaning products. In this blog post we set out how to show you to proper way to maintain the appearance of your car's seats. 

The first step is to gather the right supplies for the job. Here's what we recommend:
• Microfiber Towels
• Soft Bristle Brush
• Carpet Cleaning Solution (aka Eco Touch Carpet + Upholstery)
• Vacuum

Start by vacuuming up any loose crumbs or debris from the seats. You'll want to work into any little crevices to ensure that everything is completely removed. Sometimes it works well to use one of those bristled attachments so you can lightly scrub the fabric as you're vacuuming it up.

Once the car seat has been cleaned take a second look at it. Are there any spills or stains that need to be addressed? If so you'll want to grab your bottle of carpet cleaning solution and get to work. Each manufacturer has their own specific directions, but since you're on Eco Touch, we'll give you what we suggest.

1) Spray directly onto the surface of the stain.

2) Let the solution set for 30 seconds. This allows the solvent and surfactants to loose the debris. 

3) Lightly scrub with either a towel or preferably a soft bristle brush. You'll notice the formula will start to foam up. 

4) Blot dry with the microfiber towel. 

If you see the stain is still there you may need to go back for a second application. If you can't get the stain out after several attempts your only other alternative may be to hire a professional auto detailer. These companies typically have hot water extractors that use heat and chemicals to remove stains that ordinary fabric seat cleaners can't. 

Beyond regular cleaning, there really isn't that much more to keep your car's interior clean. Just stick to a regular schedule to avoid excessive build-up and you'll do great. Have any other questions? Feel free to call us at 888.375.7970.