Posted by James Dudra on 1st Feb 2014

How to Clean Your Steering Wheel

Steering wheels are one dirty place. Over time you may notice that the original color and luster from the factory has now taken on a brownish hue. Dirt, grime, oil, food residue and who knows what else has now managed to embed itself on your car's steering wheel. Don't fret, there are ways to combat the gunk and get it back in tip top shape. Here's a few things you'll need to get started.

Soft Bristle Scrub Brush or Toothbrush
Eco Touch All Purpose Cleaner
Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

First, make sure your car's interior is cool and the steering wheel is out of direct sunlight. In order to get the most effective cleaning you want the steering wheel to be cool to the touch. 

1) Liberally saturate one of your microfiber towels with All Purpose and wipe around the steering wheel. You want to make sure some of the formula stays on the wheel. The longer the formula sits, the more time the cleaning agents have to work on the surface and loosen grime. Alternatively you can spray the formula right on the wheel, but risk overspray onto the rest of the console. 

2) Take your scrubbing brush and get to work. Gently work your way around the perimeter of the wheel, taking note of excessively soiled areas (where your hands are most frequently touching the wheel). 

3) Next, take your microfiber towel and wipe all residue free from the wheel. Take a minute to examine any areas that continue to show grime. These areas may need a second application to get completely clean. 

4) If you can keep to a regular cleaning schedule for your steering wheel you can prevent build-up from occurring. Lastly, never apply any type of protectant onto the wheel itself as you can easily lose your grip while driving.