How to Remove Car Dealership Decals

Posted by James Dudra on 8th Feb 2014

There's no better feeling than bringing home a new car. That is until you realize that the dealership you bought it from left their mark all over the vehicle. I recently went through this experience and unfortunately had to go through the trouble of removing various stickers and decals. Thankfully removing these little annoyances is a relatively easy process and only requires a few tools. 

To get started here's what you'll need: 

Heat Gun or Hair Dryer
All Purpose Degreaser
Quick Wax
Microfiber Towels

Start by heating up the decal with the heat gun or hair dryer. As the decal heats up the adhesive will start to loosen: 

Pry one end of the decal and lift. It should start to peel backward. Continue to apply the heat gun across the surface if it doesn't come up easily. 

Once the decal has been removed there may be some residue on the surface. Take your bottle of All Purpose Degreaser and apply to the surface. Let it set for 30 seconds and gently wipe clean with your microfiber cleaning cloth. 

Lastly, apply a bit of protection with Eco Touch Quick Wax and buff dry.