How to Remove Water Spots From Your Car

7th Feb 2014

Water spots can be an extremely annoying problem for auto enthusiasts. Perhaps you've noticed them after a passing rain shower or out of control sprinkler. Water spots are the minerals left behind after the water has evaporated. In places where you have "hard water" the problem gets even worse as over time the spots can etch the vehicle's paint. Don't despair though, there are ways to properly address and remove water spots from your vehicle!

Spot Treat Immediately
One of the best ways to remove water spots is by dealing with them immediately before they can dry on the surface and cause further problems. For this we'd recommend Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash as it has great cleaning properties and will leave a protective barrier after application. Removing water spots from car

Vinegar and Water Cleaner

If you are dealing with spots that have been sitting for a longer period of time, try mixing up a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and distilled water. Being acidic, the vinegar will help break down the mineral deposits from the paint.

Apply or spray the solution onto the car and let sit for a minute. Buff dry with a microfiber cloth. Afterwards be sure to apply a car wax onto the paint to help seal it up. If you find that the 50/50 solution won't work, try increasing the ratio of vinegar to 70/30.

Clay Bar
If all else fails it's time to break out the clay bar to remove the water spots. Start by cleaning the surface first with a car wash soap or Waterless War Wash. Next, using either Quick Wax or Waterless Car Wash as a lubricant, gently spray on the clay bar and water spots and rub. Finish the process by buffing clean with a microfiber towel. 

Keep It Waxed 
Ultimately the key to preventing water spots from accumulating on the surface of your vehicle is to keep it protected with a quality wax. The superficial layer wax creates will help beading so water can come off quickly, and also prevent etching into the clear coat.