Posted by James Dudra on 28th Jan 2014

Tips for Achieving the Best Tire Shine

Tire shines and dressings come in lots of different varieties today. Sprays, wipes, gels, liquids, you name it. While there are many great products on the market today, not everyone uses them in the right manner. In this article we'll outline tips to follow in order to make your  tire shine look its best.

Get Your Tires as Clean as Possible
To really make a tire dressing adhere to the rubber surface you'll want to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. A clean tire allows the polymers in the formula to create a stronger bond than with a dirty one. Be sure to use a specialty wheel and tire cleaner and stiff brush for optimal results. In the photo below we've used a liberal amount of Eco Touch Wheel Cleaner and a brush to get everything perfectly clean. Spray the formula onto the surface, scrub and wipe clean.

Be Sure Your Tires Are Completely Dry
Now that you've cleaned the tires, make sure they are 100% dry before applying your dressing. Any moisture such as water or chemical formula can potentially interfere with the bonding between the tire and dressing. Usually a quick wipe with a microfiber towel along the perimeter of the tire and in the crevices will do the trick.

Look At the Weather Forecast
There is nothing worse that getting finished with a detail only to have it begin to rain. All your hard work goes down the drain (literally). You'll want to give your tire dressing enough time to bond with the surface before having to deal with external contaminants such as rain, so plan accordingly.

Use the Right Applicator Pad
I've never been a fan on the "spray and wipe" tire shine products, mainly due to the fact that they are solvent-based and will make a complete mess of your driveway. Any good water-based dressing will recommend using an tire shine applicator pad. This will ensure even coverage of the formula across the rubber surface. And always remember, less is more when it comes to applying a dressing. Apply too much and it can drip into those crevices which will ultimately lead to sling-off.

Give It Some Bonding Time
If you're in a rush and need to apply a tire shine, you may as well skip it. To create a solid bond you should wait at least 10-15 minutes before driving away. Products that claim an instant finish are most likely solvent-based which will eventually ruin your tires. Any reputable water-based dressing needs time for the active ingredients to work on the surface. The benefits of waiting pay dividends after your first rain storm. The photo below demonstrates Eco Touch Tire Shine after one storm. Notice the water literally bead off the surface.

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