Posted by James Dudra on 29th Jan 2014

What is Car Detailing?

So, you've heard the term "car detailing" or "auto detailing" used before but you're not sure what it is. No worries, let's get you up to speed on what it means. Simply put, detailing is the act of thoroughly cleaning a car from the inside out. I'm not talking a little vacuum here and there, but a complete cleaning and conditioning of all parts of the vehicle. Detailing can be used in the following settings: 

• Car dealerships detail used cars that come in before they are sold

• Private car owners have their cars detailed before they are sold

• Car enthusiasts get their cars detailed because they are passionate about them

• Everyday consumers can even detail their own cars at home

Detailing is a multi-step process that can take many hours to complete. Most of the time spent depends on how dirty the car is and the skill level of the person conducting the cleaning job. From a birds-eye view here would be the basics steps to completing a detail:

Washed, Polished, Waxed, Wheels Cleaned, Tires Dressed, Windows Cleaned

Vacuumed, Console Cleaned & Dressed, Car Mats and Seats Cleaned, Leather Conditioned, Windows Cleaned

Of course, detailers can go into much more depth on their services. You can have swirl marks removed. Headlights restored. Or even get your engine sparkling again (yes there are really people who do this). 

Hopefully this gives you a basic understanding of the process. Detailing can be quite a lot of work, but also rewarding to those passionate about their car.