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What the Average Auto Detailer Charges for Their Services

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One of the most frequent questions we get here at Eco Touch from newcomers to the detailing industry is "How much should I charge for my services?"  The honest answer is...it depends. You see, location, demand and competition will all factor into what you should be charging for your services. However, out of curiosity we took a random sampling from 20 detailing companies from various parts of the United States and compiled the charts below. We realize that not all the services provided matched up 100%, but we tried to get as close as possible. 

Hand Car Wash Average Prices:
Compact: $26.83
Sedan: $36.82
SUV/Truck: $47.50

Exterior Detail Average Prices: 
Compact: $131.25
Sedan: $150.83
SUV/Truck: $178.18

Interior Detail Average Prices:
Compact: $128.18
Sedan: $157.27
SUV/Truck: $181.82


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