interiorcarcleaningproducts.jpgWe spend so much time on the inside of our cars, yet it is still one of the most neglected places in our vehicles. There are two basic steps to interior car care: cleaning and protecting

Cleaning your vinyl, leather, plastic and trim pieces starts by selecting the right product. You'll want to remove surface debris such as dust, dirt, grime and oil first. If you are working with leather, make sure you find a pH balanced leather cleaner. 

After the surface has been cleaned, go back and apply a protectant. You’ll want something with a low-gloss so it won’t give you glare while driving. The importance of applying an interior protectant is to prevent your vinyl, plastic, leather and trim pieces from harmful UV rays. A high-quality protectant will prolong the life of your vehicle, while also making the interior look amazing.

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