How To Clean Leather Car Seats

Tools Required:
Soft Bristle Brush (horsehair or similar)
Eco Touch Leather Care
Microfiber Towels

1) Start by vacuuming up any loose debris on the car's seat. For the small crevices in the leather, use a soft bristle brush (horsehair or similar) to free up embedded debris. 

2) Select a pH neutral cleaner designed specifically for automotive leather. Leather is one of the most delicate surfaces on an automobile and using the wrong cleaner can potentially damage the surface. Not sure what the pH is of the leather cleaner? Ask the manufacturer for an MSDS sheet (material safety data sheet) and find the section on pH. By law, manufacturers must give an MSDS to their customers who have requested them. 

3) Apply a small dab of the leather cleaner on your microfiber towel and work into the surface. Clean in sections and work your way sequentially over the surface. Stubborn stains may require a second application of the solution. 

4) Now that the leather has been cleaned, it's time to condition. In many ways leather is like our skin - it requires constant nourishment and hydration. Pick a leather conditioner with a non-greasy feel to avoid slipping and sliding on your seats. Again, apply one section at a time working your way throughout the car.

5) To avoid build-up of grime, body oils, and other contaminants on your leather seats, be sure to clean at least once a month to keep your leather looking its finest.

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