How to Perform a Rinseless Car Wash

With the release of our new Waterless Wash Super Concentrate, you may have noticed that it can be used as a “rinseless” car wash. While the term is familiar in the professional detailing community, many are still learning about this unique way to wash a car. Think of a rinseless car wash as a hybrid between a waterless and traditional car washing method. It does require a bucket, but takes only a small amount of water per vehicle. This type of car wash methodology has several advantages and drawback:


• You will use fewer microfiber towels.

• You can clear vehicles which have more dirt and grime.

• It is more tolerant in hot weather


• You need a water source and bucket.

• There is some run-off.

• You need to dispose of waste water.

How to perform a rinseless car wash

1) Start by diluting Eco Touch Waterless Wash Super Concentrate 1:256. This means 1 ounce formula into 2 gallons of water. Give the water a stir to ensure that the formula is well mixed.









2) Next, dip a clean microfiber towel into the bucket and saturate completely. Remove it from the bucket and wring it out to where it is slightly damp


3) Apply to the vehicle one panel at a time working from the top down. It’s also a good idea to fold your towel so that you have different ‘sections’ to work with as you clean the car. Use light strokes over the car panel. As your towel becomes more soiled you can dip back into the bucket to clean.


4) After you’ve cleaned the panel, take a dry microfiber towel and buff the surface until all the formula has been removed. Continue to the next panel.


5) Stand back and admire!