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How to wash and wax a car

How to wash and wax a car

Maintaining your car's exterior with washing and waxing will not only keep it looking great, but also help prolong the life of your vehicle. We've put together a comprehensive set of steps to help clean and polish your vehicle in the best manner. 

Waterless wash steps:

1) Find a shaded location, out of direct sunlight.
2) Spray waterless car wash product onto vehicle, one panel at a time.

3) Take a clean microfiber towel and wipe gently to remove surface contaminants.
4) Quickly use a second dry microfiber towel and buff area to a shine. 
5) Repeat, working your way from the top of the car down. 

Waxing steps:

1) Make sure surface you are about to wax is clean and free of contaminants.
2) Spray wax onto vehicle surface and spread with microfiber towel. 
3) Quickly turn to a dry section of the towel and buff to a shine. 
4) Repeat until your car is sparkling clean!


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