Marine Vinyl Clean + Protect


Clean, revitalize, and protect in one step
Bring vinyl back to life with Eco Touch Vinyl Clean + Protect. A unique formula safely removes surface grime, while conditioning agents penetrate to restore and provide UV protection. Enhances vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces. Non-toxic and phosphate free.

Compatible Surfaces:

Features & Benefits:
• Works on vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces
• Cleans and protects in one easy step
• Protects against UV rays and cracking
• Non-toxic and solvent free

1. Shake bottle well.
2. Spray directly onto surface.
3. Lightly buff with towel to a lustrous finish.

Bottle from #2 polyethylene. Sprayer from blend of polyethylene/polypropylene. Both are 100% recyclable. 

Filtered water, plant-based conditioning agents (cetyl ester emulsion), polymer emulsion (for shine: dimethicone), preservative.