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New 2012 Products


After months of waiting they are here - Eco Touch's new 2012 products! We have spent the last year in R&D to bring you two great products that perform at the highest level of car cleaning. 

Product #1 - Eco Touch Wheel Cleaner

This is a powerful wheel cleaner that relies on a unique blend of citric acid to easily clean brake dust and other road grime. Unlike other wheel cleaners where you need to hose off the surface, Eco Touch Wheel Cleaner is a spray and wipe application. Just spritz on the surface and let the formula work for about 30 seconds. Take a clean microfiber towel and wipe off. This formula does not contain any hydrofluoric or sulfuric acid.

Eco Touch Wheel Cleaner is currently shipping in 24 oz and 1-gallon sizes of ready-to-use product. We also offer bulk sizes of 5-gallon and 55-gallon for commercial application. 


Product #2 - Eco Touch Odor Eliminator

We are super excitied to release this revolutionary new product that doesn't just 'mask' odors, but it completely eliminates them on a microscopic level. How does it work? The proprietary surfactant blend actually neutralizes foul odors and lessesns them in the vapor phase. We did add just a touch of cucumber-mint fragrance so that you are left with a clean smelling surface. 

Odor Eliminator will be shipping January 2012 in 8 oz sizes of ready-to-use product.



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