Does Quick Wax have any anti static polishing properties?

Anti static car polish within Quick Wax? 

A question we are asked from time to time is whether or not Quick Wax has any 'anti-static' properties. In short answer, no, Quick Wax does not contain a specific ingredient which would significantly lower the amount of static

Based on our testing, the amount of static electricity is influenced more greatly by external factors (towel selection, towel storage, towel drying, environmental climate) than by the products themselves.

1. Air-dry microfiber towels instead of throwing them into the dryer.

2. When storing towels, alternate between microfibers and cotton terry towels. Why? Because cotton will greatly reduce the amount of static cling normally generated when microfiber towels are placed one on top of another.

3. If you can polish your car inside a garage, install a humidifier. Static effect is enhanced in environments of low humidity.

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