Waterless car washing: a new strategy for your campus sustainability program

Traditional driveway car washing uses exessive amounts of water and can lead to runoff and groundwater pollution. Waterless car washing is the innovative alternative to traditional car wash methods. Instead of using 80 - 140 gallons for a driveway wash or 30-50 gallons for a drive-through carwash, Eco Touch's spray-on, wipe-off cleaning uses only 6-8 ounces of water.

Teaching students how to green their car cleaning is a sustainability initiative they can personally relate to. So educate, engage, and add another strategy to your sustainability program. Here’s how:

  • Host a student-powered Waterless Car Wash Fundraiser. The Fundraiser Kit can help to educate your campus about cutting-edge, eco-friendly 
car “washing”—and can also be used to raise funds for the cause of your choice.

  • Green your campus vehicles—and get bragging rights. Eco Touch can introduce your fleet manager to the products, processes, and equipment he or she will need to get high performance cleaning with non-toxic products, minimal water consumption and little runoff. We have also developed a complete line of environmentally-safe interior detailing products.

  • Calculate your student body’s Car Wash Waste footprint with our Calculator. How many pounds of toxic waste do your students generate with driveway washing? How much water do they waste?

  • Educate your campus about Sustainable Car Washing. We can provide the leaders of your Sustainability Office or your eco-reps with educational materials and videos about sustainable car washing.

Ready to get started? Contact our Campus Sustainability Coordinator

e-mail: greencampus[at]