How to Start a Green Detailing Business

Opening a green detailing business

Are you thinking of starting a mobile waterless car wash business?  Eco Touch provides a full line of professional auto detailing supplies for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In fact, Entrepreneur Magazine named Eco Touch and waterless car washing as a trend to watch.

So, let's get started!

Launching your detailing business checklist:

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash Concentrate 
Portable Waterless Car Wash System
case of Eco Touch Microfiber Towels
hand or backpack sprayer (you can find these at any hardware store)
portable shop vacuum
liability & garage keeper's insurance
marketing collateral for promotion
automobile with signage (if you are mobile)

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to waterless car wash a vehicle?
This depends on several factors: size of the car, dirtiness and number of workers cleaning the vehicle. Listed below are the time estimates on waterless car washing vehicles.
   • Compact: 10 minutes 
   • Mid-sized: 15 minutes
   • Large SUV: 20 minutes

How much waterless car wash will I use per car?
   • Compact: 3 to 5 ounces formula
   • Mid-sized: 4 to 8 ounces formula
   • Large SUV: 7 to 10 ounces formula

How many waterless car washes will I get per bottle/gallon/pail/drum?
These figures are based on cleaning a mid-size sedan
   • 24 oz RTU - 3 to 5 cars
   • 1 gallon RTU - 16 to 32 cars
   • 1 gallon concentrate - 160 to 320 cars
   • 5 gallon concentrate - 800 to 1600 cars
   • 55 gallon concentrate - 8,800 to 17,600

What is the best way to apply Eco Touch to each vehicle?
There are several methods for applying Eco Touch to a vehicle surface. The first is with a normal trigger sprayer bottle. While this method works well if you are only cleaning one car, it can become tiresome.

For mobile waterless car wash units we suggest using a portable wash system. These allow for easy dilution of formulas and consistent spraying patterns. You can find the portable wash system in the Eco Touch store.

Is the waterless car wash the only product I will need to clean the vehicle?
Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash is an excellent cleaner and protectant for the exterior of the car. However, we also offer other products such as a carpet cleaner and dashboard protectant cleaner for interior surfaces.

Can I use your product in direct sunlight?
We strongly suggest you apply our waterless car wash on a cool car panel for optimal results. Since our formula is solvent-free it will evaporate quickly if sprayed on a hot car panel. This can lead to streaks if the formula isn't buff off straight away. Don't worry though, the streaks are only superficial and can be removed by re-applying the formula and buffing. 

Some other methods you can try if working outside in direct sunlight:

1) Purchase an EZ-Up tent and erect around the vehicle before working.
2) Clean cars during early moring or evening hours when the sun isn't as strong.
3) Work in smaller sections on the car (1' x 1') so you can effectively spray and wipe quickly.
4) Try a quick pre-rinse with cool water to bring down the surface temperature of the vehicle paint. 

What if I have a car that is extremely dirty (mud, salt, sand)?
While the Waterless Car Wash is a great cleaning method for 99% of cars on the road, you will occasionally encounter cars that are simply too dirty. So what's a detailer to do with a muddy or sandy car that rolls up into their lot? Our best advice to detailers is to do a quick pre-rinse to wash away heavy debris before proceding with the waterless method. While this may sound counter-intuitive to the process, it is sometimes a necessity to ensure cars get done in a safe and timely manner. After you're done, you can apply the Waterless Car Wash on a wet vehicle and continue as normal. 

How much should I charge for my services?
This completely depends on the level of services you are offering. For instance if you are only doing express details, you may charge $5 -  $10 per wash. If you are offering complete detail packages with both interior and exterior cleaning you can charge $100 - $200 depending on the size of the vehicle and time it takes. We suggest networking with other detailers who can offer more specific advice on pricing.

Can I name my business "Eco Touch"?
We do not allow service providers to name their business Eco Touch. However, you can state "powered by Eco Touch products" or similar wording. Please contact us first before you use our name on your collateral and marketing pieces.

Will it scratch the car's finish?
No, when used properly our products will not scratch the car's finish. The surfactants (soaps) in our formula help lift the dirt and suspend it from the car's finish. A layer of polymers will remain on the car after you have wiped away the contaminants, leaving a silky smooth finish. We recommend using a plush microfiber towel because of the tiny 'scoops' each towel has in its strands. These safely encapsulate dirt and prevent scratching/marring. Of course, if there is heavy mud, salt, or sand you will want to pre-rinse these areas first. Another way to help lessen the chance of swirling or marring is the technique in which you wipe. Don't apply heavy pressure when toweling off the soil, wipe in a soft motion over the car's finish. If there is a stubborn spot, simply re-apply formula and wipe clean.

Ready to get started? Eco Touch offers a full range of professional car detailing kits to help you get your business up and running. If you have any other questions, please call us at 888.375.7970.