How to clean car interiors

Let's face it, your car's interior can be one of the most neglected places in your vehicle. As time goes by you may start to accumulate all sorts of debris including wrappers, dust, grime and other contaminants.

Proper interior car cleaning be broken down into two tasks: cleaning and conditioning.


This includes vacuuming and sweeping up heavy debris. You may need specialty tools to get into hard to reach places, such as crevices. Most vacuums have special accessories with brush heads for car vents. Next, shake out car mats and remove from the vehicle. howtocleancarinterior2.jpg

Select an all purpose cleaner to remove grime from consoles and car interior doors. When you choose an all purpose spray cleaner, check to make sure that there are no synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals inside. Ask the manufacturer for an msds sheet to see what they are putting inside. If they don't list all ingredients, ask them why.

Next, select a carpet cleaner for spot treatment on the car seats. See our previous article regarding how to clean car seats for more details.

Finally, you'll need glass cleaning supplies to remove smudges and fingerprints from the windows.

Having a good supply of microfiber cleaning cloths is essential for how to clean your car's interior. These types of towels are extremely absorbent and can be re-used multiple times.


After all the surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly, you'll need to go back to 'condition' them. This will help restore vinyl and trim pieces to their original luster.

Eco Touch's offers an excellent vinyl cleaner and conditioner. It has a light lavender fragrance that will leave your car smelling fresh and new. The natural oils in the formula will penetrate and help bring about a natural shine to these surfaces.

When you're done, you will have a sparkling clean interior that will look like new and that you'll be proud of.