How to clean car seats

The safer way to clean your child's car seats

Your child's car seat can be one messy place. Crumbs, spills and stains can quickly accumulate if not cleaned regularly. So how do you go about tackling this section of your vehicle without releasing toxic fumes everywhere? We've created a step-by-step guide for a safer way to cleaning those car seats.

1) Start by removing the seat from the vehicle. You'll probably discover that underneath the seat can be just as filthy as the seat itself. Take the vacuum and do a through job to sweep up all the contaminants. cleancarseats.jpg

2) Gently shake the car seat to dislodge any crumbs from the folds of the seat. 

3) You may now notice an assortment of spills and stains on the seat. Now is a good time to select auto upholstery supplies. Eco Touch offers a carpet cleaner which is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use around children. Simply spray and blot with a towel. 

4) For the plastic sides of the seat you'll need to find a quality all purpose cleaner. This will remove any sticky residues that your child may have left behind.

5) Lastly you'll need to select the proper glass cleaning supplies for polishing around the window areas. Make sure that the window cleaner you choose does not contain any ammonia or isopropyl alcohols as these can be hazardous to your child. 

Now simply put the seat back in and you're ready to go! Eco Touch makes a full range of interior car cleaning supplies for both consumers and enthusiasts. Have any other questions? Call us today at 888.375.7970.