How to polish glass

How to clean and polish glass

Keeping your car's window and glass clean and polished can be a tough job. Your windshield is constantly bombarded from the elements. Rain, snow, sleet, bird droppings and sap degrade the quality of your exterior glass surfaces.

Cleaning glass surfaces

The first step to achieving a smooth and polished surface is to selecting the proper glass cleaning supplies. We highly suggest you avoid using any
 chemical cleaners that contain ammonia or isopropyl alcohol. These polishglass.jpgingredients are hazardous to your own health and can damage other  parts of the car such as window tint, vinyl, leather and rubber.

Next choose the proper microfiber cleaning products. There are many different blends of microfiber towels. Choose one that has been woven specifically for window and glass cleaning. For example, Eco Touch Glass Cleaning Towels are manufactured specificially for cleaning and polishing glass surfaces. They won't streak or leave lint behind.

Achieving an optimal polish

Start by spraying the glass directly with the window cleaning formula. Quickly buff off the formula with the towel to reveal an amazing shine. Some of our detailers will also use our Waterless Car Wash as an alternative window cleaner since it contains polymers which help repel rain, dust and grime.

For most glass surfaces we suggest Eco Touch Glass Window Cleaner. It contains no petroleum solvents, isopropyl alcohol or ammonia