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I have been using your products all summer. I just purchased a 2012 Chevy Cruze, and I consistently use the waterless wash and quick wax and my car looks like I just drove it off the showroom floor. Your products are superior to others and are well worth the price. The ease of use and great results, make a chore that much easier to do. I am not sure how you could improve on anything, because you guys got it right. Keep the products coming. 

     --Robert E., IL 


I have been using your products for the past year out here in San Diego. When we went under Stage II water restrictions I had to quickly find an alternative to keep my BMW clean. A little bit of internet research revealed your company. I like the fact that you present a clean and professional looking product line to consumer, plus the fact that I actually know what chemicals I am using around myself and my family is great peace of mind. Anyway, the products work like a charm. Keep up the good work!

     --Joseph P., San Diego, CA


Just wanted to write and tell you thanks for creating such an ingenious and easy-to-use product! This past weekend I received the car care kit and got to work with my kids (they are 7 and 10). We were able to clean my entire car, outside and inside, in about an hour! When we were finished I was amazed at how clean everything looked! Plus, there were no funky smells from the products, so I felt good about using your products. Thanks again and I will spread the word to my friends :)

     --Amy S, Biddeford, ME


Because I didn’t “trust” this product straight away, I wanted to try it a small surface before using it on the entire car. According to the directions, you have to use this away from direct sunlight and with microfiber towels (which we have plenty of). You basically use it to clean one area at a time using one cloth to apply it and pick up grime and another to shine.

I must say the Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash did a great job! No streaks, scratching or a hazy finish. I also didn’t recall any scents or toxic smells. Though I don’t think I would use it on the entire car every single time it needs to be washed, it does have a place in our household.

     --Carla R., Green + Chic


I just recieved my order and I went out and try it on my truck. I like it, works well!! Cant wait to use it on clients auto!

     --Kent H., Myrtle Beach, SC


My husband uses this car wash once a week and it's great! We live in the Los Angeles area and most of the dirt on our car is road grime or dust from our semi-arid climate. Eco Touch leaves our 2002 Prius looking gorgeous! We keep the cleaning supplies in our trunk and it's not unusual for my husband to clean the whole car while I briefly run into a store. We both highly recommend this product!

     --Tracy K., Pasadena, CA


I've washed our car 2X and did it in less than 10 minutes tonight.  If you add in the wheels, which cleaned-up nicely, and the glass, I'm over 15 minutes, but it is super easy.

The window cleaner is really nice.  I did the car when it was dark, so I'll
know more about the cleaning aspect when I see it tomorrow, but it's a great product to work with.  As I mentioned, I ran my own detailing business for over 9 years and it was tough to clean the back windows of most sedans because you were overcome by the ammonia fumes in the confines of the back seat area - not the case with your product.

I'm going to do a bunch of cars this week to keep testing, but I like what I
have seen so far.  Easy to use, safe and effective - what's not to like?

     --William H., Arlington, VA


The best part about Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash, in my opinion, is not having to haul a sloppy bucket of soapy water around or drag a dirty wet hose across the top of the car!

This innovative, planet-friendly spray is designed to not only conserve water, but also to prevent the run-off of harmful petro-chemicals that traditional car cleaners contain.

The spray bottle is easy to use and the spray comes out quickly and covers large areas.  I also tried their microfiber towels, and let me say, those are a must! They are sturdy, thick, and absorbent.  I used one to "wash" the car, and the other one to dry and polish with.



I want to congratulate you on your beautiful line of car care products. I have been admiring your wonderful line of car care products for a short time . Your car care products are priced great and seem to save time  money by letting us consumers have an easy, quality, product to make our cars look great.  I have been so impressed about your car care line that I am planning on letting my family and friends try them also. I am sure they will be impressed with how easy they are to use and their affordability.

     --Amy M., Waretown, NJ


I have been using your product now for the last year or so. My first purchase from your company was a gallon of the concentrate when you only sold it in 5 gallons. Any ways the reason that I am writing, is to tell you and your crew that this is the best stuff every. I have recommended this product to a lot of people here in the Dallas Fort Worth,TX area. It has been a great hit. I have been in the auto`body business for the last 15 yrs plus. Now i am looking into opening my own car wash/ detail business here. Thanks for your time and for inventing such a great product for our community. My wife and I have 9 kids and 4 grandchildren together. That means that we will have a lot more grandkids and we need to make sure we do everything we can to keep our water and our planet safe.

     --James P., Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


At Wicked Clean we strive to keep our product line as "green" and environmentally sound as possible. The products provided by Eco Touch were an unbelievable fit with our company. The waterless car wash is an innovated product that leaves terrific results! We would not trust our clients cars with any other product. We have eco-touched everything from Lamborghinis and Porsches to Dodge mini vans, and the eco-touch never fails with its quality. If you are looking for a green detailing product for your car with great results look no further. Eco Touch as an extremely well run company, and have a quality product line to back up the name. The other products they offer such as the dash and trim cleaner/conditioner, and carpet stain remover work very well, and also are used on a regular basis by Wicked Clean. Eco Touch is the only company we know of that will actually display their ingredients on the packaging, so you know that there truly are no harmful chemicals. These products work extremely well, and truly have the environment in mind

     --Jordan G., Wicked Clean LLC, Exeter, NH


I just tried the waterless car care, it seams to work great.  I have a motor home and they always developed black streaks down the sides and this waterless car care took it off with little rubbing.

     --Gary W., Fort Launderdale, FL


Thank you for informing us about Eco Touch Waterless Care Wash. This product is amazing and is a pleasure to use. We look at car wash and waxes all the time. Since 1983 we have always hand washed and detailed our fleet of vehicles. No easy task keeping a mostly all black fleet of limousines and vans looking sharp for our clients. I must tell you I was skeptical until you demonstrated the product. Eco Touch works and not only cleans but leaves a shine as well. Our detail staff is using on the entire vehicle. In world of products that do not do as advertised, I am pleased to endorse Eco Touch. The fact that it is environmentally friendly, is an added plus.

     --R. Ford, Regal Limo, North Hampton, NH


This can't be real! I just tried your product and after less than a half hour I have a shiny new Subaru! All I had to do was spray, wipe, and polish, and the car looks like new! And, the soft cloths wash-up like new! What a kick! I will wash the car more often from now on.

     --Polly C., Hancock, NH


I am AMAZED by the Waterless Car Wash and Polish. I bought some last year at the Green Festival in San Francisco. I just used it for the first time, because, honestly, I had my doubts about how well it would work, and I am in awe. I have a 2007 Honda Fit and it looks FANTASTIC! I love this stuff and it is so easy to use. And it is so much quicker to use than a traditional wash with water. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am telling everyone I know about your product!! Thanks again for a fabulous product!

     --Traci T., San Francisco, CA


Well, I was a bit skeptical, but I ordered the bottle of waterless car wash and the microfiber towels. I was hoping to 1) save the planet and 2) save my wallet.

I certainly felt I was well on my way after the first time I used it. The car looked as good as if I'd gone through the car wash, I'd never had to turn on the hose, and the one little microfiber just went in the hamper and waited till laundry day. I must say, I felt a little self righteous. The whole bottle was about $20, and I figure I can get 4-5 car washes out of it, so it's definitely more economical than the car wash.

     --Amy R., Miami, FL

Just wanted to let you know that I recently started using your tire shine and I am thrilled with the results! I mean thrilled!!!

   --Dennis Wilson, New Skool Auto Appearance, Michigan