Quick Wax 5-gallon


You asked for it. 

And we listened. You wanted a spray wax to protect your car's finish and you asked us to make it easy. Quick Wax offers simple spray-wipe-and buff application for the person who doesn't have hours to spend waxing their vehicle. We added carnauba wax to ensure serious protection and a glossy finish. So go ahead, lavish a little extra love on your pride and joy.

Compatible Surfaces: 


Features & Benefits:
• promotes deep shine and beading
• can be used as a final detail spray car wax
• leaves a brilliant natural shine
• fortified with carnauba wax
• streak-free finish

1. Shake bottle well. 
2. Spray onto a cool car surface. 
3. Quickly spread product with a microfiber towel.
4. Turn to a dry section of towel and buff dry.

100% recyclable corrugated cardboard. Internal bladder 100% recyclable polyethylene.

Filtered water, carnauba wax emulsion, polymer emulsion (dimethicone), beeswax emulsion and preservative (less than .05%)

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