The Difference


The Difference is Clear

Think all detailing products are the same? Think again. Eco Touch Professional was developed for detailers who demand highly-concentrated, economical, and environmentally-safe products. As shown in the chart below, Eco Touch Professional gives you greater value, efficiency, and safety compared to leading brands.


Leading Retail BrandBrand "M" ProEco Touch Pro
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Super Concentrated Cleaning Power

Did you know that most detailing products are 90 - 95% water? With Eco Touch Professional, we believe that you should get what you pay for. That's why our super concentrates have some of the highest dilution ratios in the industry today. We bring the product, you add the water while also increasing your bottom line.

1 Gallon Waterless Wash Super Concentrate makes 112 bottles (1:20 dilution)


1 Gallon All Purpose Concentrate makes 59 bottles (1:10 dilution)


1 Gallon Dressing Super Concentrate makes 59 bottles (1:10 dilution)


Detailing Made Easy

Three products wash, degrease, and shine an entire vehicle. Seriously. We've formulated products that synergistically work together to take the guesswork out of auto detailing.



Ready to implement Eco Touch Professional in your business? Kits start as low as $99.99.


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