Tire Shine Applicator

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Bring out the natural shine!

You can have the best tire dressing in the world, but if applied incorrectly it will inevitably make a mess. In the industry, you may have heard the term "sling". What this means is that the tire dressing did not adhere properly to the rubber and has sprayed all over your car. The Eco Touch Tire Shine Applicator Pad offers you an ergonomic grip for applying product. Just a quarter-sized dab in the middle and spread it evenly over the tire for incredible results.

Compatible Surfaces:

1. Shake Tire Shine bottle well. 
2. Squeeze liquid onto Tire Dressing Applicator pad. 
3. Spread evenly around tires. 
4. Let set for 10 minutes before driving. 
Do not use on tire treads or other surfaces where grip is important.