vidspacer2.pngUsing the right car tire shine can make an auto detail go from average to excellent. Over time, rubber gets worn and faded from its original luster. Using a tire shine can enrich these surfaces making them look like-new again. Today's tire shine products can come in two versions: solvent-based or water-based. While solvent-based dressings offer a bit more durability, they also pose a greater health and environmental risk. In addition, solvents can crack and fade rubber over time. We always recommend opting for a water-based dressing whenever possible. All of Eco Touch's tire shines are water-based and do not contain any harsh ingredients. 

Eco Touch offers a full range of tire shine products for both consumers and professionals. You'll find they range in size from a 16 oz up to 5-gallon depending on your usage. Have any other questions? Call us today at 888.375.7970.

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