Wheel Cleaner 1-gallon


Product Overview

The Best Alloy and Aluminum Wheel Cleaner in Bulk
You want brilliant shine on your chrome, alloy, and aluminum and you'd like to skip the toxins. Eco Touch Wheel Cleaner is a powerful formula that removes brake dust and eliminates streaks, smudges and greasy residue. Free of harsh acids and glycol-ethers, Wheel Cleaner reveals a deep lustrous shine both you and the planet will love.

Compatible Surfaces:  

Features & Benefits:
• dissolves stubborn surface grime and brake dust
• safe alloy and aluminum wheel cleaner
• free of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid 

1. Make sure wheels are cool to the touch
2. Spray directly onto wheel and let penetrate for 30 seconds. 
3. Wipe clean with a microfiber towel.  

100% recyclable #2 polyethylene.

pdf-icon.png Wheel Cleaner MSDS 

Warranty Information

Water, readily biodegradable surfactants (for cleaning: lauramine oxide & alcohol-ethoxylates), polishing agents (for shine: mineral oil), citric acid (pH adjuster), preservative (less than .05%)

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