Winterize Car Headlights


Estimated time: 5 minutes
Frequency: Weekly cleaning (or as needed). Protecting every 2 - 3 weeks (or as needed)

Start by inspecting the car headlight bulbs and see if they need replacing. Bulbs that are starting to dull and dim will want to be changed out with fresh ones before winter arrives. 


Next look at the surface of the headlight. If it is dull, faded or oxidized you'll want to check into a restoration kit. AutoGeek offers a comprehensive guide and product selection for this process, check it out here.

To clean the surface, start by using Eco Touch Window Clear and a Glass Cleaning Cloth. You may find that splattered bugs require a second pass to get the surface completely clean.

To protect the surface you can use Quick Wax directly on the headlight and then buff off with a microfiber towel. Quick Wax is completely safe for headlights and does not contain harmful solvents that could potentially crack or degrage their protective coating.