Winterize Your Car

Winterize Your Car with Eco Touch

Winter takes a heavy toll on your vehicle's exterior. A combination of snow, salt and ice all have a negative impact on paint, windows, wheels, headlights and trim. However, by using the right combination of products can minimize the effects of mother nature and keep your car in great condition all season long. 2781799-s.jpg

We suggest you winterize your car before it starts getting too cold outside. Not only is it a more enjoyable process, but you will find that the Eco Touch formulas work better when the temperature are above the freezing mark. However, if the temperatures have already dipped, don't despair. You can either wait for a sunny day or find a heated garage to winterize your car. 

Products required to winterize your car:

Eco Touch All Purpose
Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash
Eco Touch Quick Wax
Eco Touch Tire Shine
Eco Touch Window Clear
Eco Touch Glass Cleaning Towels
Eco Touch Microfiber Towels (6 - 8 towels) 
Eco Touch Tire Dressing Applicator (1 applicator)

Step-by-Step Guide to Winterizing Your Car

Step 1 - Winterize Paint
Step 2 - Winterize Windows
Step 3 - Winterize Windshield Wipers
Step 4 - Winterize Wheels
Step 5 - Winterize Tires
Step 6 - Winterize Headlights

Downloadable Documents

Winterizing your car checklist (PDF)
Winterizing your car poster (PDF)