Winterize Car Windows


Estimated Time: 25 minutes
Frequency: Weekly cleaning (or as needed). Waxing every 6 - 8 weeks (or as needed)

Your car windows and windshield take the brunt of abuse during the winter season. You’ll want to start by first cleaning the windows with Eco Touch Window Clear and Glass Cleaning Cloths. It’s usually a good idea to clean both the exterior and interior windows at the same time so that you see if all the contaminants have been removed from the surface.

Next, protect the windows with by using Eco Touch Quick Wax and a microfiber towel. You’ll find that using less formula when protecting the windows is actually much better than trying to spray down the entire surface. When you ‘buff’ the formula on the window, make sure the microfiber towel is completely dry. The last thing you want to see when driving down the road are unsightly streaks left behind from a bad waxing job.

When you're done, you'll notice that water actually beads off the window  and is much easier to clean than ever before.

Proceed to step three - how to winterize your car's windshield wipers.